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Device: kindle DX graphite, we need update/firmware with optios PDF Kindle 3
Originally Posted by curstpriest View Post
The amazon employees are pretty clueless...
When I call them and asked how long the battery on my DXG should last, they happily told me that it should work for 2-3 weeks of constant reading with the 3g and tts off. I told them that it's more like 40-60 hours (depending on how fast I read books ~ about 450 wpm) Their response was to let it charge a few nights.

Most users report similar usage times from what I have heard (getting only 2-3 weeks reading an hour or 2 a day). From what I have gathered, unless you are the world's slowest reader, the folks at amazon support are blatant liars.

I also asked about firmware upgrades and PDF support and they said updates are in the works.

As far as hardware.. The K1 and K2 have comparable firmware, but you don't see them giving the K1 support. I agree that the DXG was released recently, and that it will probably get updated soon, but they don't seem to be making any great effort to do anything about updating it.

IMO we will know if they plan on updating PDF support / Browser support / Multiple fonts when they introduce lending and all that other crap that should filter down to the K2/DX series readers.

In many companies are recorded phone calls, they tell what they are told they have to say ... (Bosses)

With the small print of the conditions the battery lasts maybe that ...

Have you seen any laptop on the hours that says the battery lasts?, Never, says if a laptop lasting 5 hours, they are actually 2.5 -

The DX Kindle graphite is 3 or 4 days if left constantly running 3G, but obviously has a great influence where this location, "with" the 3G coverage, they have been measured under ideal conditions ..

I think his time is past some 10,000 page ... if we leave 3G off.

And if we put Queen on the mp3, 3G and read 600 words by minute ...

ONE DAY or TWO ... a lot of hours by day....

So saying, I believe this post, this topic and you spend so much time to put some pressure on Amazon to "requests from its clients" and earned a reputation ... and there are books in the competition, then those details should take care of them, it's not like before, he was just Amazon ereaders market ...


(K3, Have More long battery mAp 1750 ...) other version have mAp 1530 ... and software on K3 is more optimized... webkit.. etc...

bye from Spain.

PS: Almost all mobile phone have not battery hours that they say....

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