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Trouble with organising

Hi there, Iīm relatively new to Calibre but so far Iīve found it dead easy to use. But thereīs one thing I canīt work out, and Iīve tried searching the forum with various search phrases and still havenīt found the answer to my question.

Which is: When I have a collection of books in the library and I want to change the order in which they show up on my Sony Reader PRS-300, how do I do that (in simple terms, please!). For example, I have the Sue Grafton "Alphabet" series of books; in the library, and thus the Reader, even though I thought I uploaded them in the order in which they appeared, they now show up incorrectly. All I wish to do is "pick up" the appropriate "line" (that is numbered) and move it to the correct place. i.e. in both the library and the Reader the collection shows "A is for...; B is for...; D is for...; C is for...; "I wish to simply move the "C" and "D" around. Is that possible??

Hope that my question is clear, and I look forward to any replies - in plain english, please!! I get the idea that everyone here is very technical!
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