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Literati in "hand"

Originally Posted by kilohertz53 View Post
In investigating the Literati, it appears that it is based on the same Ingenic system chip as "The Book", but who can say about the peripheral chips? It's doubtful, but not impossible, that the Literati firmware could work on the TB.

From preliminary reviews that I've read, the Literati doesn't include any audio or video playback functions, and the wifi is tied to the Kobo bookstore. I don't know if it has web browsing capabilities beyond directly buying e-books. In all, it seems like a less capable reader for a higher price.
Well I finaly found a "Literati' owner/victim, sad to say in comparison the "TB" has a much better FirmWare inplementation then the "Literati" almost identical hardware and the case is more ergonomic then the TB but the The Book is a better performer.
I feel sorry for the gent who spent $160 for it.....

Interesting that Augen on 11/03/2010 posted that No New Updates for its whole line, the last updates where in August/September.
Still love my TB's,found a interesting quirk if you open a book then go back and go to start playing a mp3 file than go back and start reading the book again you have audio in the background.
Makes me happy.
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