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Device: kindle DX graphite, we need update/firmware with optios PDF Kindle 3
Originally Posted by manalesar View Post
Why are you saying so ?
Maybe SPAM: "enTourage eDGe™ Features", ;-) - I think there are a dozen large models that can be named, techno-smoke, much much much, but next year, or a crazy price, or really do not operating for the general public. only advertising, fairs expensive cars ... (only 100 units for some youtubes movies)

Originally Posted by manalesar View Post
in which Amazon's employees declared that there is gonna be firmware update for KDXG, which will include PDF support improvements known from K3.
sorry, I did not understand very well (gonna?), they have said yes or no? maybe ...

that is, they have said that the last one there is 2.5 actualmetne

or whether this will be the last and final

or that the latter is 2.5, but is working on another ... (To me have said they are working hard to improve the graphite DX kindle options, but who knows, maybe it was a text, copy, paste)

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