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Device: kindle DX graphite, we need update/firmware with optios PDF Kindle 3
Originally Posted by curstpriest View Post
oh its you again, i already told you how to fix ghostscript errors. Unless you are trying to decrypt a newer PDF this application will work fine (up to 1.6 i think)

If you need newer, use something like Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5 (not freeware)
there are many others.

I also told you before, they may not update the firmware, so the only other e-ink with this size that has what you want available is the entourage, so get that or deal with the DX

Hello dear friend,

In the end, I printed the document and scan pdf img, actually that is what I will teach DX anyway ...

Other programs, yes, but "then" I need to convert all my files with key academics without it, (and I like to keep the key in some files in the job for obvious reasons)

I only ask that "KINDLE DX" do the same as the Kindle 3, there is no reason to prevent DX hardware read and allow it to be the key.

Edit post:

I see now that your program:

Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro is a program that helps you decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files after user passwords and / or owner defined, limiting the opening or editing, printing, selecting text and graphics, etc. ..
I remember that I explained that I have my own passwords, I think the translator that translated it correctly, you are offering me a program to trap passwords and also other payment ... for that you do not necessary pay, but still uncomfortable, you have to do with each file ...

thinking me: (If you need, I can send you the invoice/orders of my pdf files and magazines in a private message, ...)
On your coments model, is very nice but very heavy. Also, at the time, it was not marketed. (ink pearl not similar neither)

Let's see, understand me, I like the graphite DX Kindle, I think there's rival, is good, but should be better, I personally think it is a "red herring" or bug, can not open pdf files with DRM, because if can be done in the last model, Kindle 3.

Here, in this post, we say that DX has a (almost) bug, a problem that I think influences and care to the majority of the owners of DX (LATEST generation) ...

thinking me: (many teachers use in their pdf password they give their students, only students)
It is important in the academic sector and professional, that thing, it is right to have a real PDF native support (no one is asking for anything exceptional as it was before, in fact, already done ...)

Best Greetings/regards. from Spain...
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