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Originally Posted by jbcohen View Post
Depends on what you call cheap, I hardly call the Kindle cheap. Don't get me wrong its a great product for the price you are paying for it but its hardly cheap. My reader is the Aluratek Libra Pro and costs $100. This is what I am defining as cheap, but lets look at what you are getting for the extra dollars in the kindle:

1) Personalization - you can enter your name in your Kindle, I can't
2) Search - Kindle has a search function, I don't
3) Dictionary - you have one I don't
4) Notes - You can take notes, I can't
5) Keyboard - You have one, I don't

In my opinion the Kindle is a better reader but the Libra Pro costs less. Sort of you get what you pay for. The Libra Pro sells at for the price I quotes.
I wasn't aware of other readers except kindle nook and sony e-readers probably because i was looking for something that ships to India(I know nook is not available for india).But i will look at Libra Pro and thanks for the link.
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