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Originally Posted by Steve Jordan View Post
That would be the "Product Description," under Editorial Reviews, right? Why would it lag behind everything else? Particularly when it took a day to post the book, and another 2 days to make it purchasable?
i haven't the faintest idea. but i'm nearly certain it was not there when the item first went 'live' because i was surprised when it suddenly showed up.

Originally Posted by Steve Jordan View Post
Oh, BTW, I discovered the categories you mentioned, amended mine and republished. It looks like the books stay purchasable while being re-published, but I guess I should expect a few more days before the categories reflect the change.

Now, the catch: Finding the books. Subtitle: How many bestsellers and Big Publishers' books do I have to dig past to find my humble novel, without resorting to a specific search? In fact, when I used a specific search for As the Mirror Cracks, using the title in quotes, my book was still not on the first page of found items. It was pushed to page 2 by Big Pub items, mostly Agatha Christie reprints of The Mirror Crack'd... not even an exact match. So how is anyone supposed to dig me out of over 91,000 books, when I'm stuck behind the Big Pub giants' shadows?
i'm still unable to find my book by category at all. i posted on the dtp forum about it, but haven't checked back for an answer today. finding by my name, title (or partial) or asin works fine and given my pub date, it sorts by that criteria to near the top.

the only way i seem to be able to find my item by browsing is by sorting by pub date. the last time i uploaded i changed my pub date to 11/24, so my item is within the first few pages of the sort for now. but i see more and more people getting in on the action. i think we were a couple of the very first (independents--although i deserve no such tag) to publish works there judging by the publication dates. but then again, perhaps others used original pub dates instead of considering this a new publication.

[later note: just went to the dtp forum, and while they haven't answered my category question, it looks like they've answered your question and also the difference between 'live' and 'ready':

Re: Amazon Listing Issues
Posted: Nov 26, 2007 12:36 PM
Items that show up as 'Live' inside DTP may take a while to appear in the Amazon catalog. Their descriptions will usually require even longer (up to a couple of days) to appear in the Amazon store.

[much later note: and i got this reply about the categories. they seem to be saying we are creating the book page categories by selecting them on the dtp page:

Re: categories on 'my shelf' and the kindle books page don't match
Posted: Nov 26, 2007 4:48 PM in response to: accts6

If the right categories don't appear in the catalog yet, it may take up to a week for them to be created and fully show on the detail (book) pages.
at any rate, it seems that people who can answer questions about publishing are on the forum as of monday and they are clearing the backlog we dumped on them over the long holidays. promising ...


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