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simple needs

I am an avid book reader. I average a book a week. I only read just before going to bed. I don't like reading books on a computer because it strains my eyes. I have lots of pdf books that I have never read. The Kindle announcement renewed my interest in ebook readers. I have been all through this forum reading about all the readers. Lots of pro's and con's, lots of opinions. But my needs are very simple:


Battery life
File formats and conversions
WiFi, network connectivity
Pictures, graphics, artwork
Non-free books
Dictionary lookups and other non-essentials
Protective covers
Boot time
Power management
Highlighting / selecting text
Touch screens / stylus pens


Download free ebooks
Convert file format if necessary
Transfer book using USB
Bookmarking would be nice, but not necessary.
Page turning should be fast
Adjusting text size, font type, line spacing
Recharging using USB or included power adapter
4x6 reading area, like a standard paperback book
Sharp, clear text
Easy on the eyes, no strain
Memory card expandability

I may be asking for too much. Readers have come a long way since they were first introduced. If I can get a reader to fit my needs from between $300US and $350US, I would be pleased.

Thank You
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