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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
If the wholesale price of a book is $10, what would you consider a reasonable retail price to be, given the fact that it costs money to run the web site and distribution system, plus the fact that they have to make a reasonable profit in order to stay in business?
Frankly, I don't believe that ($10) to be the true wholesale cost of the product. This isn't the twentieth century... I would imagine very few writers don't utilise a computer to type their work and that work is sent to their editor, then publisher, etc. Of course the book industry is backwards and still fear the digital world so they turn it into paper at various stages of the document, but ignoring that and their foibles... the product exists in digital form.
I think a more reasonable price would be at or under $5. There are no trees to harvest, tons of product to be shipped around the world, and the server backend, distribution, and bandwidth are not the suppliers problem, so why would that be included in the wholesale cost of the product.

Look at the ebook price of "paperbacks". Typically $7 or so from a couple titles I looked at. There is no difference between a paperback and a hardback (assuming the title has both versions) but the publishers have the old world mentality. I would be interested to know how much out of $20 book actually goes to the author(s) versus how much is spent killing/printing/moving dead trees around.

We are near a point where the author can avoid the publisher and go direct to Amazon and sell their product direct. I think this could be great, much like independent musicians can get their music out to more people than ever before. Granted, at this point, only the large authors would get the eyeshare, but it has potential.

Anyhow, I digress. Back to the OT, as is I think typically of Reader fans, I loved the Reader (PRS-505) hardware, but hated the software and the store. I think the Kindle kicks it up a notch, end to end. Having said that, I have friends that don't "get" ebooks and they didn't get the Reader or the Kindle... or rather, they didn't think they were worth the $350/399. *shrug*

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