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Originally Posted by flipkick View Post
Thanks, i've added this info for Kindle 2.
Another tip that might help clear some confusion:
menu, settings, other (page 3), support old system: yes
shows your original files and folders.

And I played a bit with the fonts. Helvetica Neue LT 75 Kindle with CLEAR and SMALL seems to be best to me. What is anyone else his/her favourite?
I now have up to L. on the display btw.

Oh and I think I know why they used letters for the k3: we got a keyboard. Pressing a letters opens the corresponding ebook. I bet that on the k2 you do not have a keyboard so you can use digits to open the ebook
(or did everyone else figure this out already )

--> dictionary does not work. I get a "no dictionairy" when I try to open 1.
anyone an idea on fixing this?

Another one:
Change 1st line "Duokan User" to your name and it will display it at the top.
I changed it to "Duokan - Wim"

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