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Originally Posted by montalex View Post
So, we have:

How to install the system:
1. Extract DK_System, DK_Documents and DK_Pictures to the Kindle root directory.
If you have a previously installed version of Duokan installed, replace DK_System with the new DK_System folder;
Then continue with these steps).

2. If your Kindle2 is an international version, "Update_DK_k2i.bin" file to the Kindle root directory (Note: here is a copy of the appropriate File, not the whole folder. If you cannot read the file name, mouse over should give you the precise version for your Kindle).
If your Kindle2 is a U.S. version, copy "Update_DK_k2.bin" file to the Kindle root directory

Unplug Kindle from U.S.B. and Update: Menu/settings/menu/update

Restart. Select Q to boot into Duokan.

Language setting:

After it starts up press
Go to J (wording is "settings" in Chinese ) and activate it.
Go to the 3rd page ( > > > ).
Choose D (wording is "language" in Chinese ) and activate it.
Choose C (a is traditional, b is simplified, c is English, d Japanese and e Korean).

Is that right?
yes also the particular bin for your kindle (you need to get the right folder) can be recognised automatically so you don't need to remember which bin is for your kindle. i.e. i know my bins are in kindle3 folder so i just copy those bin files to root and the right bin gets chosen when you update
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