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Rinzwind began at the beginning.
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6 dirs

3 that need to be moved to the Kindle:
1. DK_Documents
2. DK_Pictures
3. DK_System

The other 3 dirs show "invalid encoding" but...
- 1 of these 3 has pdfs in them in 4 dirs: DXG, DX, K2, K3
Look like manuals(??)
- 1 of these has windows installation files. Something for syncing with the kindle???
- 1 of them has bin files insides 4 dirs: DXG, DX, K2, K3

Looks like the 1st 3 need to be copied to my system and then I need to use the correct BIN file to do the update.

I hope I have this figured out correctly

edit 2:
montalex: with "original folders" they probably are talking about an older version of duokan. Since my "root" folder does not have DK*-folders

edit 3:
update succesful
kindle restarting

almost done

edit 4:
It came up without any problems. Now how do I check if it all went well? Hmmm :P

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