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SD Card spead?

SD cards are not created equal. The SDHC have class ratings indicating speed (don't remember if it is write or read) but even regular SD cards have speed differences. Some companies place stuff like "45x" on their SD card to indicate how "fast" it is but that may be of dubious value / marketing speed.

BUT, I do know from speed test people have been performing on Palm's and Treo's for years some SD cards are a lot faster than others.

I wonder if it makes a difference on the Kindle? I moved form a super slow SD card on my Treo to a faster one and it made a difference with SOME applications, but not all. That old super slow card is just collecting dust, wondering if I should use it or spring for a fast SD card....or if that would just be wasted in the Kindle.

Anyone have any thoughts? Doubt there is a speed test utility applicatoin built into the Kindle. ;-)
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