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Originally Posted by igorsk View Post
Apparently the spam filter is a bit more strict with the new users.
i'm sure it's something simple like that. by no means am i complaining or feeling picked on or singled out, i'm just a new user and trying to learn the modes and mores of this forum as i might be here awhile if i decide to keep the kindle. after nearly 5 days with it, it is still a hard decision as the interface and sluggishness and inadvertant button presses frustrate me mightily. whereas the attraction of carrying around 200-800 books attracts me just as mightily. and then there's the ability to publish myself for absolutely free--not even he cost of a website or bandwidth, just whatever cut amazon takes--although i do realize i could do that without a kindle as one of my friends (who actually owns a pub company) is doing right now. he sends me files which i convert and view on the device for him until he can get one of his own. it's way awkward, as you can imagine, but this is brand new to everyone right now so hopefully the users will cut the publishers some slack at any early problems. i hope.


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