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i posted a comment in between here and got a message that a moderator would have to approve it. i've been too busy, i'm ashamed to say, to read the terms of use, but i had a link in there to my item on amazon and i wonder if that triggered them to not post it.

seems strange because i'm definitely not recommending anyone buy it, it was a pure 'proof of concept' experiment for me and anyone with the least bit of internet savvy can figure out how to read it for themselves for free from the product page. quite the opposite, i explicitly stated i was uploading changes at the time and it was not ready for download.

and it can't be because the forum bans posting commercial web sites since i see those urls in signatures (not picking on you, steve!).

wonder if a mod would comment on why my post was nixed? it was approx just after harryt's post early this morning.

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