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Hmm. Doesn't sound very professional, nor customer oriented.

I'm curious as hell about future firmware functionality/bug changes, but I don't expect any kind of documented commitments on what's coming. I understand that priorities change, and that good testing may result in planned changes being delayed.

However, I do expect that when software/firmware updates are released, that customers are made awaire of what's new or changed, instead of being expected to do end-to-end device testing ourselves to find changes that might affect how we use/trust the device.

Also, with the new upgrade process, we are asked if we want to install optional, or recommended firmware releases. This feature is for risk management. How can we assess the risk of accepting an update, with no information.

The release notes already exist. Somebody just needs to dumb them down for user consumption. Can't take that long. Not long at all if customer satisfaction is a priority.
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