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Device: Airis Dbook (with booq Classic OS 2.2)
How does this device generate page numbers?

I'm using one of the Netronix clones, the Airis EB001 with the Booq OS version 2.2.

My previous reader, a Sony PRS-500, calculated the page numbering the first time you changed to a given text size, so the logical page number displayed always match the physical page you were viewing.

In the case of the Netronix, at least with books in ePub format, it always maintain the same page numbering for any text size, which is a bit confusing, since with a big font you can pass various physical pages before the logical page number changes.

In addition to that, what makes it more annoying is that I cannot find the way it calculates where a page ends and a new one starts, except for the case where a page or chapter break were present on the ebook, of course.

I've tried to edit the ePub with Sigil to look at the HTML code and see if there is something there, in the middle of a paragraph, saying that there should start a new page, but nothing at all.

Does somebody knows anything about the internals of the page numbering on the Netronix?
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