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Are there any Hard Shell Cases for the Kindle 3?

I just recently bought a kindle 3, and though it's not the sole purpose, one of the reasons I got it was to have a lot of my course materials (eg: powerpoint slides, syllabi, handouts, homework & practice problems) on there instead of weighing me down and getting lost in random folders. The Kindle however, is not meant to replace any textbooks: I like being able to physically flip back and forth through them, and this brings me to my problem: I'm very nervous carrying my kindle around in my backpack with at least 20 pounds of books.
I keep it in the outermost pocket, but it still makes me uncomfortable, and the official cover doesn't seem like it would protect it well enough.

I'm wondering if something like a hard shell padded case exists for the kindle 3.
I recently ordered what was called a "hard case" from someone on ebay, and it turned out to be a rather flimsy and flexible EVA zipper pouch designed for the K2. I googled a bit, and couldn't quite find anything that matched my criteria.

All I want is something that zips closed like a laptop case with a hard plastic exterior, and a foam interior that the kindle fits into snugly. It's not like I'm trying to buy a flying car.

Does such a thing exist (the hard case, not the flying car)?
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