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Originally Posted by DrMoze View Post
These may be enhanced functions for some, but not essential for an ebook device imo. I ahve plenty of access to computers and the Internet at home, at work, and on the go (blackberry browser). I bought an ebook device to simply read books comfortably, and it does that very well. Plus you can carry a ton of books along with little weight. Variety, screen quality, battery life and simplicity are most important for me (and perhaps for many others who also have access to computers and like to read books). Search capabilities and Wikipedia access aren't even on my list of wants. Leisure reading is an escape for me, and my ebook device fills it nicely with no distractions.
That's what I thought. And I was totally content with my Sony Reader. But with Kindle, it gives me more than just a means to read my favorite short stories and novels. With the magazines, and the newspapers and the blogs, and the web browser, I'm finding it is a replacement for my laptop. Most of the time on my laptop I spend reading news and sites such as engadget. The reader with the newspapers and the blogs gives me I think a much better experience as a reader - that is, it removes the web sites, most of the graphics, the ads, and just gives me what I want which is the articles. I didn't even really realize that 95% of why i like the web is just the text, reading the articles. Nothing gets me faster to the text than the kindle. I'm getting to the point where I don't know how I lived without my daily newspapers and constantly updating blogs coming in my kindle.

Also, I find that I'm the kind of reader that constantly changes what he's reading. That is I usually don't just want to read one novel all day. Sometimes I want to read the news or magazine articles (across a wide spectrum of subjects) or other times I want to read internet news and articles (usually more technology oriented). I might switch from novel to blog to newspaper back to blog then to magazine maybe 20 times a day. That's just me, but I find the kindle gives me all the kinds of things I like to read much better than the sony reader.

It is just like the reader, but so much more with the content that exists. I can't even imagine how rad it will be when there are 1000000+ books, 1000+ magazines, 100+ newspapers, and 10000+ blogs. I have strong confidence that amazon will get us there.

As of right now (and this might change) it has removed the desire for me to have an "always-connected" laptop for accessing the internet. Keep in mind though I do have a iphone which functions great for im, email, videos and music and graphical web if and when I need those as well.

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