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Calibre problems sending to Kindle

Admittedly, I'm kind of new to Calibre, and I apologize if this was answered elsewhere (I searched and came up empty), but what is the secret to getting the "Send to Device" options enabled in Calibre?

When I first started using it with my Kindle (3), all I had to do was plug the device in, Calibre would recognize it and I would get the Send to Device button in my toolbar.
However, now when I plug it in, I get no response at all. Windows is recognizing it and mounting it correctly as a drive (which is accessible through Windows Explorer), but I'm not getting any response from Calibre at all- it's like it just isn't acknowledging that a device is connected.

Granted, I can copy books to the device by hand, but the Send to Device option was far more convenient when it worked.

Any ideas?

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