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Originally Posted by Steve Jordan View Post
I just checked my DTP account, and it now lists my 2 e-books as being "live"... however, the e-books are still listed as unavailable, no description, no price. For the record, Amazon reports at the moment that they have over 91,000 Kindle books in their catalog.
i've seen status of 'live' and 'ready', but i don't quite know the distinction.

right now i'm in the 12+ hours publishing loop having just managed to edit my few pages and send them back to the mothership. i've done the publish button at least 4 times now because i was too ignorant to realize that you could download, preview and edit before re-publishing, although, in my defense, not all these features were working in all my browsers and i missed the download and preview buttons. and then i started getting all those conflicting error messages. in any case, each time it has been nearly exactly 12 hours for each publishing cycle.

i see where it says 'sign up to be notified' next to your item. i must have been one of the first to 'publish' on nov 20th or 21st and this time i've changed my publication date to today. i guess they take your word for it rather than the date they publish it.

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