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Originally Posted by ufoDziner View Post
I've looked around, but couldn't find when the 903 is expected to be released. Does anyone have any info? Thanks
Just got email from the dutch supplier:

Helaas moet ik u mededelen dat de verwachte leverdatum voor uw PocketBook Pro 903 Dark Silver is verschoven naar 29 november. Dit door een vertraging van onze leverancier.

Wij hopen op uw begrip.

To translate not 15 November but the 29 will be the delivery date (that is if they dont push it into December)
It does not feel good te me :-( And i am very dissapointed that i have to wait that much longer before i can get a decent size reader.

Anyone here knows if the 902 is also delayed? [Edit] Yes, also, there are (so told the duth store me) troubles getting the machines from China, no reason given, but they said that they will deliver the device asap.

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