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I have 1453 sideloaded books on my nook. I fought the nook tooth and naid to get it to recognize all those books but finally got it down to a science. That gives me and incredible number of My Documents menu pages to click through to find a book so I decided to try softrooting and using the nookdevs my library app instead. I have one of the earlier (SN 10029...) nooks running 1.4.0 so I downloaded the 1.0.0 file and the 2.4.1 file and went through the process.

I encountered no problems getting the loads to take but my problem is that neither the B&N My Documents app nor the nookdevs My Library app will now see all of my books. The B&N sees all of my B&N books pluse 902 of my sideloaded books while the nookdevs app sees all of the B&N books but only 894 of my sideloaded books.

Has anyone else experience this problem of the entire library not being read? If so did they overcome it short of reloading the B&N software?
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