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Originally Posted by curstpriest View Post
Why not just copy everything off (it's only 4 gb), quick format, and copy it back. That should eliminate fragments. You can format it right? =X

Besides, flash wear is pretty over exaggerated, you would have to be writing to it like 100 times a day for a year to wear it out or something ridiculous. You aren't running servers with constant logs to flash on it..
This depends pretty heavily on the particular flash memory being used. A budget flash part will start seeing corrupted sectors after a few hundred to a few thousand writes. When you get into better parts (like those used on SSDs) you see higher quality and then get into 100,000 writes. Wear-leveling algorithms help mitigate bad sectors, but something like a defrag or reformat is likely to touch a lot of the sectors.

It would not surprise me at all if Amazon is using cheaper flash parts on the Kindle to keep the price down, so I'd recommend against unnecessary wear and tear like defragging.

No need to walk on eggshells, of course, so don't worry about adding/removing files, getting new books, etc... but while defragging would move some files around, you won't see any performance increase (in fact, there's a good chance any performance change would be negative, or completely negligible.)
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