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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
A quick explanation: Left margins in the MOBI format for the kindle can only be set in 2em blocks. That is a hard limitation of the Amazon MOBI renderer. So if you have a smaller left margin in your EPUB file, say 0.5em when translated to MOBI it becomes 2em.
I have the same problem as the op and have been struggling the whole day to find a solution that doesn't involve editting hundreds of files manually in Sigil.

I understand what you're saying here, but is there no way to override the epub settings? The dialog in Calibre would seem to suggest that you can set the margins when exporting. Now I can understand that anything less than 2em becomes 2em, but is there no way for 0 to become 0?

Adding css to the Extra CSS of Look&Feel also doesn't seem to accomplish anything as this is just ignored in my attempts (for instance by adding p { margin-left: 0; } which doesn't even show up anywhere in the document or css after a conversion to epub, nor does it work in a conversion to mobi).

While both the Sigil and Tweak Epub solutions are great when you only have to do a few files, it becomes very tedious with large numbers.

Thanks guys!

[edit] saw in this thread that there is an upcoming feature to just dump the margin completely. That would be great so I'll just wait for that and only worry about the things I want to read now.


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