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Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
You'll be pleased to know the answer to this one is very simple. Using Chapter 3 as an example, you have 13 blank lines hard-coded into the HTML between the "invisible" heading and 'Sacred Memories'. They look like this:
<p class="BeginChSpace"> </p>
When I did my last post, I had remembered there were 13 blank lines at the beginning of each chapter not containing illustrations--among the few places I manually formatted the Word file. I was going to ask if they might be the reason for the unwanted page breaks, but didn't want to complicate that post even more than it was. Clearly, you didn't need this clue! At your suggestion, I removed the code from the "offending" chapters and--voila!--they look perfect!

I did this in Sigil and "Saved as" with an alternate file name (preserving the original file unchanged as backup). The new file, however, has a blank page inserted before the book cover. I've noticed this before when I saved from Sigil. How do I get rid of this and, for that matter, how do I prevent it from happening?

Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
If you remove some/all of them 'Sacred Memories' will move higher up the page. I considered doing this for you but decided it wasn't for me to decide. I tried to leave your HTML as untouched as I could.
It would have been fine. I deeply appreciate the sensitivity and respect you expressed through not doing it.

Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
If you mean entries like this in the CSS:
	{font-family:"Courier New";
	panose-1:2 7 3 9 2 2 5 2 4 4;}
Yes, there were 3 of them. I did remove them.
Thanks for doing this!

The EPUB file required a bit more tweaking, some aesthetic formatting issues: for example, I reduced the indentation of each paragraph (and also 2 places where quoted phrases were indented) by altering the CSS style sheet in Sigil. I had also noticed the font was smaller and sans serif after the opening verse of some of the chapters. The style I had assigned to these in Word didn't carry over. I'm speculating this is because the style name I had used started with the numeral "1". I resolved this by creating a new CSS style and renaming the respective text block in HTML. The text looks a lot more balanced now in the Reader on my computer. I've attached the revised version for you to take a look. Please let me know if you agree or if there is some issue I'm not aware of with this.

I think I've resolved the table of contents by going into the T of C editor in Sigil ... which I just found. The Part names/numbers and the Chapter names/numbers were listed twice. I deselected the first occurrence of each so now, for example, clicking on Part 3 or clicking on Chapter 4 (which is the first chapter in Part 3) or clicking on "The Dawn is Nigh..." (the first section in Chapter 4) all takes you to the same text page, where they all appear together ... which is what I had wanted.

The T of C looks a bit strange when you open it, in that some chapters don't appear until you reveal them by clicking on the arrow preceding the part they're in, but--all things considered--I don't think this is a problem and preferable, in my opinion, to what was happening before.

I had framed this last bit as a question, but before hitting the "Submit Reply" button I got the inspiration to check out Sigil one more time.

Unless you see or think of something else, the only thing left to do is remove the blank page before the cover.

Again, thanks for all your help, Jackie!
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