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Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
Anyway, see what you think of the new EPUB

It looks just like the PDF. The illustrations are right there on the same page as the headings they accompany in their respective chapters and all the headings are also together on the same page. Excellent! Thank you again, Jackie.

One thing still happening, though, is "Sacred Memories" is appearing on a separate page before each chapter and towards the bottom of the page. I've looked at the file in Sigil and don't see any indication of a page break either in CSS or the HTML, but then I'm not very experienced in this area either.

This is not happening in those chapters with illustrations, which look exactly like they should. One way to correct this is simply to delete "Sacred Memories" from the beginning of each chapter, a sacrifice of aesthetics I'm willing to make at this point.

For those chapters with illustrations, clicking on the level 2 chapter name in the table of contents takes you right to that page. Where there is no illustration, clicking on the chapter takes you to the prior page with the solitary "Sacred Memories".

I noticed there's a lot less code. Did you clean it up? One of the things Word does when you "save as HTML" is include a cornucopia of font CSS and I don't see that anymore.

Thank you for all your efforts, Jackie. I deeply appreciate it!
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