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Exclamation Hello Kindle and Safari Books Online users!

Hello all

I just got a Kindle 3 for my birthday and I absolutely love it! The only thing that could make it better is Safari Books Online support. The official site's just not the best to use on the Kindle.

So I decided to create a better one as a mobilizer service, which:
  • Automatically loads pages to simulate the Kindle experience, so I don't have to use the 5-way to hunt around for the Next Page button.
  • Has keyboard shortcuts for adding notes, bookmarks etc.
  • Enables the numeric shortcuts that Safari Books provides. This feature alone would be so useful.

Where I'm at now, is I've got something that's starting to become quite useful: it does what I said above, but isn't quite a finished product yet.

So I've joined MobileRead in the hope of meeting people who are:
  1. Kindle users
  2. Safari Books Online subscribers

At the moment, I'm only looking for a handful of people who would be enthusiastic in trying it out and giving me feedback.

In return, I believe you'll see the beginnings of a great way to use Safari Books and it'll beat the socks off the current interface, if you already use Safari Books on your Kindle.

If you'd like to help me out, please reply to this post!

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