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Originally Posted by brecklundin View Post
A reasonable point...but at the end of the day Coby is a low end electronic device re-brander. Of course all companies, even Amazon have their products produced on an "outsource" basis.

Add to that the fact few people, in the US anyway, have seen Coby products anywhere but low end budget stores. Add to it the customer support and what not. It's a case of they have to prove themselves to me, and likely many others, before any of us would even consider their device as an option, at almost any price. And don't overlook the disaster than was Astak and still is to a significant degree. Jinke made but produced to low end specs.

It is a nicely spec'd device but at the end of the day, there are too many of these clone devices running basically the same hardware...but as we all know the hardware itself can be had at various "grade" levels depending on where a given component fails in the QA/QC testing work flow.

Still, you make a reasonable case for the device...the sooner it gets in the hands of real users here on MR and around the web the sooner people will know one way or another. Once was a time that lesser known brands clamored to get their devices into the hands of reviewers, these days it seems as if they try and avoid that, or there could just be a prejudice view of the brands in the media so they don't want to waste their time on anything which doesn't pull hits on the web to collect the ad impression revenue.
Well I consider myself a real time user. And I have my doubts about the product the way it's software package with apps and the Android OS 2.1 UI is not what it should be with menus, Fonts, icons are blown-up. Options to change the defaults only have 2 features. Using Launcher Pro to fix the icons column and rows can fix the home-screen but the rest of the OS. I might end up sending it back to HSN and wait it out. One user reported on QVC electronic forum which was weird talking about HSN products on QVC forum. About calling up Colby CS just to learn there wasn't anyone on the other end of the phone. Just a recording saying? Leave your name number and someone would get back to you later. She also stated no one hasn't called her back yet? Are they for real!

This tells me right there Coby hasn't invested enough money into training it's CS stuff for support. I don't see much support on their site either for the product. Like hey just sell it for now and later on we might have support for it. That's how the ones you order from China are. There is not Vendor support. So if it goes it goes! Coby KYROS I'll be calling HSN on Monday to see how long I can kick it around before I send it back and where is the heck is the UPS label to send it back with. I am not paying for returning it!

I've seen Coby products at Frys in the Mall and I see your point. Though they didn't make the product just like AuGen. When it comes to getting support then you see how it is. I had netbook issue with ASUS this year.

Service was excellent and repair replacement of the LCD LED panel was done in a week. I told ASUS CS, listen I repair replace LCD panels in laptops for over 10 years. She told take it to BB and have them look at it then call us back at ASUS with the results. Anyway that never happen, I had them sent me the RMA #. I had to pay out of pocket to send it FedEx to them. But it's fixed and the panel was defective as I told them.

See the full story of ASUS Eee PC Netbook Panel Issue with pictures here

Then I got Maylong M-150 in limbo with UPS going on two weeks and the item hasn't been received yet at UPS hub. I had wanted Walgreen's to cancel the order they told me I couldn't cancel it! I had to receive it then take it to a Walgreen's local to me to return it. I'll never order from online Walgreen's again. Very poor service with CS and Maylong handling the delivery process.

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