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Question A very confused newbie to book readers!

Hi everyone! You may or may not have seen my hello message, but from my info over there <- you may have figured out that I've been using my PSP as a simple little eReader for awhile now, with html files as my ebooks.

As you can imagine, I don't read much.

But before I became so trapped in the digital age, I used to! When I was less sick, less inclined to spend hours at my computer, and more able to trek out to the library, I could borrow a book and enjoy it!

But now I want a dedicated device for ebooks. Many of my favorite books are not in the large font format I need to read with. I have myopia and my perscription has been getting stronger every day. I'm 25 and I may end up needing bifocals. I'm very very scared I do and have been avoiding my eye doctor, which I probably shouldn't do.

So my needs in an ebook reader are as follows. I am so confused by terms like cybook and sony reader, and 500 505, 404 error, pdf, lit, mobi, kindle (preeeeettty kindle) argh! So I'll break down here what I need, and maybe people can point out which devices meet my requirements. :O

First: I'm in Canada, but I'm not afraid of ebay.

Formats at the very: PDF, or RTF or possibly html? (I'll get to ebook specific format questions later in my post)
Bookmarks, not just for pages but maybe even inline?
Works with PC and Mac (might be getting an iBook for the New Years to replace my Win2k clunker )
USB transfer
Accepts at least 500MB storage like an SD card or onboard. I have about 300+MB of eBooks I've been collecting for the past four years. Somebody really needs to me.
FONT RESIZING ******A necessary evil
Price: inexpensive if possible, I'll be buying second hand off ebay if I can't find a reader locally. Under $500CAN lets say?

So give me the low-down, which ones meet my needs?

A question about proprietary formats. Which format is the most mainstream in terms of ebook reading. .mobi? If so can I convert pdfs and other formats to that to read them? How does it differ from say, a pdf which has pages that you can flip? What about images and book covers, how do they work? I've been trapped with simple text html for awhile and no real image covers because they take up my memstick space. :|

So, give me the verdict, what ones meet mah needs?

(any excuse to use these awesome smileys! )
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