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dalede: how do you take notes on the hanlin?? That would be exciting news, I'm considering a hanlin but I didn't realize there was a way to take notes on it. ..,or, do you mean the hanlin v8? I see that has a slave display with a touchscreen (which seems like a great idea), but it looks like the v8 is an old model? I'm currently trying to decide between the hanlin v3 and cybook gen3. .... is the v8 not an old model like i was thinking? or is there some way to markup books in the v3?

I'm also quite curious if you know, ... if there's a way in the hanlin (or cybook) to search for a quote and/or look words up in a dictionary.

the hanlin doesn't currently support mobipocket, though they said they will in the future. They do have a DRM system called WOLF, which I'm sure you could do as you please with, but only runs on the hanlin devices. If you're creating your own content that you're some how packaging with the devices than it would probably be fine, but I don't think there's much content available in WOLF format. If you're buying a lot of these, I kind of get the impression hanlin would even customize the device for you.

It looks like the hanlin v9 will come out with three versions, one with a stylus, one with networking, and a plain one. I don't know what they're supposed to cost, and they won't be out until next year probably. These are also 10" screens instead of 6" screens.

Most of the others use mobipocket except the kindle and the sony. You probably want to stay away from the kindle and sony, since I don't think it'd even be possible for you to create your own drm content for those.

about the range of devices... people who are mostly just reading, don't like how much touch-screen drains the batteries... plus it's complicated and expensive since the screen isn't inherently touchscreen, so like, the iliad has a wacom tablet built under it. the people who do go for more complex gadgets and care less about the long lasting battery are probably more inclined to go all out and have all the gadgetry.

I agree though, ... I'd kinda like one that had a touch screen... maybe a touchscreen that could be turned off when not needed... some way to enter text so i can lookup a quote or scratch a little note or underline a passage without having a big goofy keyboard.
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