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Device: still looking for an ebook reader device
Jinke that makes the hanlin v3 is planning a 10" eink device (hanlin v9) at the end of December.

I emailed them about it though and they said the 10 inch screens from the eink company are coming slow (maybe because of the order or 6 inchers from amazon?), so who knows when they'll actually be here.

I'd love to get text books, but I don't think there's anywhere to buy them yet. I think I'll end up trying to just get a copy of wikipedia. I'm not actually in uni anymore so I don't need specific text books, and a lot of the info I'd find in text books is also available through wikipedia or other free content, though I would like a bigger screen. For now I'll probably by a cybook or a hanlin v3, and then buy a v9 or whatever else is around in a year or two when they come out.

Price is a concern for anyone, but I'm more concerned with finding the best device for me than saving money. The iliad does have the biggest screen, but I don't think the iliad is worthwhile because of the reported low build quality, and lack of battery life from having unnecessary wifi and other complexity. Even if the iliad was 400$, I think I'd rather buy a simple, solidly built, reliable device that will just show me my content, and display it for a long time.

I have such a hard time making decisions but I think I'm finally narrowing in on one :-P
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