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Originally Posted by HamsterRage View Post
But the speed that this marketplace is moving has probably thrown 9/10 of Kobo's business plan from last winter into the dumpster. Who would have dreamed that Kindle would not only meet, but undercut Kobo's $149 price with a device that still has wireless connectivity? That's gotta put some serious pressure on the R&D guys.
*nod*nod*. as soon as i saw that, i knew i was screwed as an early kobo adaptor. the pressure on the company to keep up is just too large, and if i were in a decision-making position i would probably have done the same thing and pushed the gen2 out as fast as possible, because company survival is more important. gen1 works well enough, so we got shoved to the back burner. i didn't expect the gen2 so quickly, i admit. i expected that there would be oodles of problems with a gen1 ereader, and that we'd have steady firmware upgrades. but the first firmware upgrade solved almost all of the worst problems, and my only serious complaint now is the forced power-down. so while i feel a bit screwed, i mainly just had to ratchet down my expectations for faster firmware upgrades.

so yeah, it sucks a bit. but at least they're still planning another upgrade, so we have not been entirely forgotten. and i've had 6 months in which to enjoy my kobo -- that's a lot of pages read on the upside of early adoption.

as an aside, i wonder how much money amazon is losing with the kindle; that price drop must have hurt -- it's obviously a preventative measure to keep down all the upstart ankle biters snapping at amazon's heel. that makes me ever so much more determined NOT to buy a kindle. monopolies are bad.
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