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Originally Posted by dmacmart View Post
The website indicates that the newspapers ARE available on the Kobo 1 - if that's not working now, maybe that is with the next firmware update (yes I know if I had a nickel for every time that was said ...) From their website:

How do I get new issues?

If you have the Kobo Wireless eReader your issues will be delivered to you automatically. Your eReader checks daily for new issues. If it can't connect to a wireless network at the normal time, you can use the eReader to start a Wi Fi connection and update your library yourself.

If you don't have a Kobo Wireless eReader or if there are no wireless networks in your area, you can use the Kobo Desktop to get new issues. Simply connect your Kobo eReader to your computer, launch the application, and click Sync.

You will find your new issues in the News & Mags area of your eReader.
As of today, it still isn't working for me. I now have the new desktop app working, and have downloaded newspapers to my account. They just won't sync to my reader.

I'm hoping that the "to be released" firmware fix will also address that problem. I don't believe that Kobo has abandoned its first gen users at this point in time.
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