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I suspect the real problem is two-fold. I am going to write Sony within the next 24 hours to find out if they can confirm or deny my suspicions. My hunch, and I stand my by original assessment that the Reader's WIFI component is feeble, is that,

a. the Reader fails to connect where a separate web based login is required, and

b. where a certificate must be downloaded to the device after a web based login.

If my theory is confirmed to be true, this essentially cripples the device's connectivity at a mind-numbingly vast array of wifi hotspots throughout the world.
That's very possible. I have not yet been able to try it with that type of access. I'm not sure whether the Kindle handles that or not. I'd be curious as a compare point, but you may very well be right on the issue.
I wanted to post an update to address my WIFI hotspot woes. My original suspicions are thankfully false. In fact I have been able to confirm that the Sony PRS-950 does in fact support web based login enterprise systems and downloading of certificates. The problems I've been dealing with I can only presume are related to interference with other wifi devices within close proximity. I found a quieter place on campus. I shutdown and restarted my Sony PRS-950, after the minute long process completed the first thing the reader did was lauch the web browser and load my University's web login page. I'm planning on heading to Starbuck's this weekend to meet with my German language study group. I will test the reader there and report back. I hope in a location with fewer wifi devices the Sony Reader will have an easier time making a connection.

Moving onto another topic I also wanted to share some of my frustration with PDF viewing on the PRS-950. As a student I read dozens of peer reviewed academic journals and studies every semester. I've never been under the delusion that the current generation of readers were the end-all-be-all. However I do own Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.4. I have always configured my PDF's with Clearscan OCR and used Acrobat Pro to crop whitespace before loading them on my Reader. While I have always enjoyed using Sony Readers for their PDF support, I was really excited for the Zoom and Pan features in the PRS-950. Alas, what I've found is very dissapointing. When the reader is used in the landscape orientation Sony has decided that Zoom'ing greater than 100% of the screen width is not important. So for instance if I wanted to zoom in on an illustration of a plotted graph, well, too bad so sad. I truly pray that someone will reply to this and say: "Abisha" try this... Because at this point in time, I can come to no other conclusion that PDF Zoom and Pan in landscape mode is completely worthless and that Sony put no effort into improving their firmware from last generation to this.
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