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Originally Posted by HamsterRage View Post
On the other hand, you'd have to have had you head buried in the sand up to your waist for the past 30 years to not understand that early adopters ALWAYS take it on the chin in this respect. You pay too much, and the gizmo's obsolete before you know what happened. So suck it up - and I say that as one of them. I bought mine on the 2nd day they were on sale.
I don't accept this perspective. True, it would be unreasonable to expect a new device to have all the bells and whistles of 2nd generation devices. I don't expect my Gen1 Kobo to magically become wireless, or faster, or have more levels of grey scale, with a firmware update. I do expect it to be able to show newspapers that I download into my Kobostore account - because that was indicated as a future addition to the product.

More important to Kobo (and I haven't given up on them), is how they support the gen1 koboreader says a lot to the potential buyers of gen2 koboreaders. Do you want to buy a device that the manufacturer abandons as soon as the next generation comes out? Would you rather find a company that continues to provide support into the future?

So no. I don't expect to "suck it up". I'm happy to give Kobo the opportunity to show that it is continuing to support the gen1 owners. If they fall short of that expectation, then I will switch to a company that will show that level of support.
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