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Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
As Calibre will not convert doc files, I prefer to save the .doc file as an HTML file before importing to Calibre, but in this case I saved as RTF as I wasn't sure whether you were comfortable with HTML.
I'm fine working with HTML. Being new to it, it's XPath that I find challenging.

Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
Anyway I'm sure you'll have fun playing around until you settle on your preferred solution. Good luck
Fun is what I'm in the process of ... and playing with the file and your suggestions have led me to some adaptations that should be made to the Word file I hadn't considered heretofore. In the print version, there is a design aesthetic that I'm seeing isn't suitable for an e-book. For example, the repetition of the title and part at the beginning of each chapter works nicely in our print version, but seems cumbersome in an e-book, especially in the table of contents.

Your conversion settings have shed some light on my understanding of XPath and I'm planning to revisit the Calibre manual in light of this light and the adaptations to the source file. I will post my results (or possibly more questions!) here.

Thanks for your help, Jackie. I appreciate the time and effort you took creating the test file. Color coding the conversion settings was very helpful.
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