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Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post

Let me say up front that I may not be the ideal person to help you as I am a Windows user with an old version of Word (ver 10). However I can try.

Before I get into details perhaps you can look at the attached EPUB. If this is something like what you're aiming for then I can give you the sample Word doc and the Calibre conversion settings used.
Hi Jackie,

I think I'll be able to read your Word file: have opened other older Windows versions successfully in the past.

I looked at the EPUB file you attached in the SONY Reader Library software and the table of contents looks just as I'd like: with all the parts, chapters, & sections. Bravo!

Within the text:
The title phrase "Sacred Memories" at the beginning of each chapter no longer has a page break after it (although it appears once at the beginning).

The title, part, chapter, and section names appear together on the same page at the beginning of each chapter, just as they should. However, the part number/names appear a second time at the beginning of each part, each on an individual page with no other text, as do the chapter number/names at the beginning of each chapter. Can this be prevented?
Thanks so much for your help!
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