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decision time. hanlin vs cybook? anyone who's tried em? can you search in a book?

I'm basically down to deciding between the cybook gen3 and the hanlin v3.

My biggest question: Is there any way to search a book, with either, to look up a quote? I ask because I don't see how the text of the quote would be entered, how do you enter text? It seems a little strange that an ebook might not be searchable. Also, can either of them highlight sections of a book? And can you select a word and look it up in a dictionary? How's it work?

I've ruled out the kindle and sony because I don't think their proprietary DRM format will last (or ever work on any other device), and because I'm not always in the US, and because I feel like the way they're running their DRM system is a scam to pray on unsuspecting and not-so-understanding customers. Really I think this kind of service scam should be illegal. (ok, I'll try to stop ranting)

I care less now about the mobipocket support (which before made me lean towards the cybook), but now that amazon owns mobipocket and probably doesn't want them competing with kindle sales, I see no reason for it to do well long term. cybook has a contract to also support mobipocket books in the future anyways.

I'm not too concerned with price, but the iliad seems too fancy and I want the long-lasting battery power.

One major benefit of the hanlin is that I happen to be in China currently, so I can go pick it up from the company directly.

It seems jinke/hanlin has sold way more units and been doing business longer.

I'm a little drawn to the cybook just because of the pretty website and pictures. I'm getting the impression that the hanlin people are more responsive though (I emailed them and they responded, others seem to be having positive interactions with them, I emailed bookeen and they ignored me). I'm a little concerned that I'd get poor support (if needed) from the cybook people.

I also really like that the hanlin uses the standard nokia phone battery.

I think I've convinced myself that I want the hanlin... but if anyone has seen both, can comment on pluses/minuses, lacking features, etc between these two, or can answer my search question regarding either model, etc, please let me know what you think.


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