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Duiker, were you around for the previous upgrade. Same thing happened, there was talk of an upcoming firmware upgrade and it was confirmed by Kobo that it was happening and then it went really quiet for a while. A few weeks after that, it was confirmed on their blog that the firmware was coming and people should sign up for the beta testing. Then suddenly the firmware appeared on the website (and a post here) and people went and upgraded.

Whilst this is probably not the best way to go, I have a funny feeling that the firmware is probably in heaving testing and bug repair mode (thus kobo silence) and we should see it before christmas.

As for the other issues, I'm guessing Blackberry isn't where they are focussed on with their $$ plan, my guess is that only a small number of people use the app (unfortanetly) and the wide variety of devices makes it hard to support.
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