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Question Table of contents - tweaking

I'm converting the 2nd of 6 original books/volumes from Word to MOBI and EPUB files which we will post on our website for free downloading. This book has 5 Parts, each of which contains a portion of 23 Chapters. Every chapter contains 8 titled Sections. The source files were created in Word 2008 for Mac on a MacBook Pro OS 10.5.8. Only parts are designated style "Heading 1", level 1 in Word; only chapters are H2, L2; only sections are H3, L3.

Within the text of the book, each chapter starts with the book title, part, chapter, and section centered on the page. For example:

Sacred Memories
Part 1 ~ Earth Time
Chapter 1: The Awakening
A Gift for Someone

Right now, only the parts and chapters are showing up in the table of contents. Within the book, "Sacred Memories" and the part number/name each appear alone on a page with no other text. "Sacred Memories" is not designated as a heading, just part of the body of the text.

I would like each chapter to appear in the Calibre (0.7.24) generated table of contents like this:
Part X ~ Name of Part
Chapter X: Name of Chapter
Name of section 1
Name of section 2
Name of section 8
How do I get Calibre to detect the sections and place them in the T of C? Each has just an individual name and isn't labeled with the word "section" (or any other designation).

Within the text of the book, how do I get Calibre to not place a page break after "Sacred Memories" and the part number/name?

From studying the manual and searching this forum, I have an idea how to do this, but the actual procedure still eludes me. Any help or suggestions will be deeply appreciated. Thanks!
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