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Originally Posted by ModReader View Post
Why on earth do you need 32GB of space on an ereader? 4GB should be more than enough. I've never crossed the 1GB mark.
The post is not about what I need or not. It's about conflicting info on different sites. Just want the correct info. That's all.

Originally Posted by taming View Post
And it is not Pearl (she says looking at her Kobo WiFi and Kobo original side-by-side)
That's the problem! She says not kobo maker said. She saaid that, another person said another thing. Which one to believe ? Just having 16 shades of grey doesn't make the display Peral, viziplex is offered on both 8 and 16 shades. But, again, Just want the correct info. Why isn't it available besides on the shops that sell the device ? Is to hide something or just it slipped and got not shown because someone imaniged it was not needed ?

I pre-ordered it, when I did one of the reasons was because it was faster then previous device and because the site I saw the news said it had better contrast (and it'll not have if it's still viziplex).

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