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Hi Desertblues

I sympathise. For a while the idea of even replacing my paper books with e-books went (very briefly) through my mind.

Hitting that BUY NOW button is very tempting.

I used to order my books from the UK (I live in Australia and it is still cheaper to get them from half-way across the world but that's another story). Now at the click of a button I get a book delivered straight to my Kindle (and I can read the same book on my iPhone and Mac), and the books are generally cheaper than Australian ones (still) esp at the moment with the strong Aussie dollar - a $10 US E-book is half the price of an Australian paperback.

Now I put things in my wishlist and feed my urge to buy books by ordering sample chapters instead...a bit like taking a shot instead of drinking the whole bottle.

One day at a time, one day at a time.
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