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Originally Posted by rflashman View Post
web2lrf for reading the NYT was a major pain. Tool works, but is nowhere near release quality. It's just a developer's raw tool at this point. Even on my dual-core system took a while converting it and the results were less than perfect. I played with it a while, but the results where not ideal.

I am getting my Kindle today, to replace my Sony Reader, for that one simple key feature: automated delivery of my newspapers. I would have been ok if I had to sync my Sony Reader every morning if Sony had bothered to fulfill their promise of newspapers, but they never did.

I signed up for Time too. May do the Washington post. I will report how it goes.

I'm seriously considering the Kindle, in large part because of being able to read the Washington Post on a crowded Metro train. I'm am VERY curious to know how your newspaper reading experience goes on the Kindle. Good to meet a fellow newspaper junkie on here...and good to know newspaper readers may finally have an ebook reader that allows for convenient digital content.

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