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Touch screens are good for certain applications and the Kindle is probably no exception for this enhancement. The touch screen can be made to be less susceptible to finger prints, but in the case of apple that is not a 100% solution. Apple uses a finger print resistant material, but after a while finger prints will still occur. As far as a regular touch screen go the screen will have some glair which was the case with Sony's 600 E-book series. Now Sony's 650 series use a series of lasers around the parameter of the screen for there touch recognition technology so no additional material is needed on the screen, but now the device has suddenly became more complicated. A slide out keyboard is a great idea but would produce wear and tear, and add complications which can be observed with variety of cell phones that have slide out keyboards. The slide out keyboard probably doesnít produce any more wear then having to turn the device on/off, pressing the home or back button. Iím not an engineer so I cannot answer the question of wear and tear of a slide out keyboard.
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