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Originally Posted by John-Galt View Post
Assuming all the Nook2 rumors are correct and it will be a 7 inch color touchscreen Android tablet priced at or near $250, it’s interesting to speculate on which screen technology it will use.

If it uses Mirasol or Pixel Qi, that would be surprising since neither is commercially available just yet.

It could be just plain old TFT LCD, with the short battery life and bright sunlight problems TFT LCD has.

Or, it could be C-Paper, which seems to be all the rage for new Chinese book readers as seen here: and

Here’s a review of one of the new C-Paper eReaders, the Teclast K8, with lots of screenshots:

“The C-Paper screen is certainly different from standard LCD screens. I have quite happily read for an extended periods of time without suffering from too much eye fatigue. It’s a lot quicker to refresh than most e-ink based screens too.”

“Battery life seems very good too and goes a number of days (of moderate use) on a single charge.”

“This C-Paper screen is amazing! It doesn't tire my eyes out at all. I've tried some of the e-ink screens and used PMPs as txt or PDF readers. This C-Paper is right in the middle between an e-ink and LCD screen. You can read in the dark or low light conditions that you can't use an e-ink screen. But it doesn't have the bright glare of an LCD screen on a PMP.”

Product page:

Links that include alleged screen shots, and a C-Paper vs. E-Ink table:
Thanks for the research and good links. I am thinking B&N is going to use one of these newer technologies to bring in a color Nook.
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