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Originally Posted by sfernald View Post
Yeah, free. Hopefully it stays free. I'm sure my monthly subscriptions (NYT, WSJ, several magazines) more than make up for what little data charges might exist when I do occasionally decide to surf. I really hope amazon keeps this free.
By starting it out free, they will answer the question of how much people will really use the web browsing when cost is no option. If that turns out to be pretty low usage then they may keep it free. If not, then at least they'll have good data on which to price a data service. This is much better than the other way where for example if they required an optional $10/month for web access from the beginning then you'd never really know how many people would use the service but just weren't willing to pay for it.

If they can't keep it free I might be happy with a subsidized model where you get free web (and maybe even bidirectional email which shouldn't be too hard to add) in exchange for spending $10/month or more in the Amazon Kindle store or something similar.

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