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I have been using mine for a couple hours now. I would say the screen compares well to the Sony 505 in terms of contrast and clarity. The font is pleasant and the font size choices are superior to the sony. It seems noticably faster when flipping pages as well. The little lcd screen and scroller is incredibly cool. It will bring out the inner geek in you because it's so unusual. I think I would best describe it as pixel "mercury".

My first impression with the unit as a whole is that it is much more attractive in person than in a photo (much like many people). I don't think it will make me look any more geeky than I already do at the kid's soccer game with the sony reader.

Just a first observation. I think this thing is the real deal. I think it's going to change everything. I had purchased several books, magazines, newspaper subscriptions and blogs just to test everything out. I even sent a couple mobi PRC files (ASIMOV's DEC) to the email address for conversion.

Well, seemingly within seconds, all of the files I had purchased were loaded on the reader. They were there and downloaded by the time I was able to glance through the user manual and figure out how to get to the home screen.

It is a little too easy to accidently change pages with the big navigation buttons on both sides. I haven't decided the best way to hold it yet. I'm not sure why the buttons on the right are slanted as it appears to make it more difficult to use naturally, but i tend to use the left hand buttons anyway. Also, I don't like the case much. It's big and doesn't seem to lock the reader in well at all.

The features on this thing are incredible. I feel like I have only touched the icing on the cake so far, so I won't comment on it too much. I was disappointed that the slashdot blog for instance didn't have comments. When I clicked on one of the links (using the cool scroller) it took me to the experimental browser, which actually seemed to work quite well (and best of all is actually free!).

So I will report back. Right now I'm reading the new york times downloaded freshly to my kindle, along with the Atlantic magazine, the WSJ, Asimov's, and the Mass Effect novel (need to read it before I start playing the game).

Anyway, as a Sony Reader lover (owner of PRS-500 and then 505), i would have to say this is quite a leap and I doubt I'll ever go back to the 505 except to finish the content I have purchased from that reader.

Good job Amazon!!

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