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Apparently, I did not grasp the power of calibre. Is there a good tutorial for:

- converting html to mobi
- converting pdf to mobi

with emphasis on how to create a decent toc and how to influence the ordering of html subpages within a site? Currently, I download a site using wget or htttrack or convert pdf to html. Then I look into the html code with firebug and try to identify chapter section borders and insert tags manually (automatic recursive replace) into the html code. Then I generate a prc using Mobipocket Creator using the manually inserted tags to create a toc. Then I go onto calibre and convert the prc into mobi to be able to navigate through chapters using the 4 way button. Here, again I have to enter the html chapter tags so I do not loose the toc hierarchy.

Quite an elaborate process. I am happy about any suggestions for speeding up this process. I suspect calibre could handle that in an efficient way, if I would just be able to use it properly.


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