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testing epubs for nook? is it quirky?

Hi, there, I'm testing some epubs for different readers/devices.

I was wondering. Is there a place where I can find a list of "nook oddities" for how it renders epubs?

Some details i'm particularly interested in :

does nook recognize css float layouts for images?

what about borders and background colors (even in grayscale).

can they read fonts if included in the epub?

Just out of curiosity, does any ebook reader or device recognize css Media Queries (a css 3 feature)?

As an editorial aside, I'm somewhat familiar with Kindle format, but recently delved into how it renders some epubs as converted by kindlegen. Really disappointed. Ok, I can live without css floats, but what about width, max-width, height, max-height? On the DTP forums, I learn that you need to specify width and height in mobipocket img element rather than the css. If true, that flabbergasts me. Hoping the nook does not have that idiotic problem....

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